London psych-pop outfit Caramel consists of Sasha Moxon, William and Jordan Cunningham (twins) and Cedric Monzali. Powered by rich melodies, seductive mosaics of samples and synthesizers, and compelling bass lines, Caramel takes you on a journey through time, space and esoteric landscapes of the lesser known.

It was after the break-up of his former group Clout! that songwriter William Cunningham yearned to channel his now-refined talents into a new sonic excursion with his partner Sasha Moxon, with whom he shares creative interests. Their passion for creating animated music videos together inspired them to collaborate as Caramel’s super-imaginative visual artists.

Stay tuned for the band’s full-length debut, Deluxe Edition — set to release on November 22nd, 2019 via DuoPoly Records.