Hear our Favorite New Songs from June


Blast these new songs of summer - along with the air conditioning. Take a listen to the Best Songs of June, a playlist compiled in conjunction with our friends at Forthright Records.

See what songs made the list and what we had to say about them below:

1) Small Reactions - “Sessions Street” - A blistering dose of post-punk adrenaline.

2) Roman GianArthur - “Real Love, No Shade” - Beat the heat with this soulful R&B banger.

3) Graham Patrick Ulicny (of Reptar) - Tropical pop bent by explosive mind-bending syncopation.

4) Wieuca - “Snitches Get Stitches” - Dirty dance all night to this grungy, groovy track.

5) Chief Scout - “Dead End” - Sip on this guitar pop “cool aid” with a punch.

6) Kinder Than Wolves - “Good Luck” - Dreamy, wistful indie perfect for your summer road trip playlist.

7) Dot.s - “Palms” - Toe tapping, head bobbing, pool party tune.

8) Alarm Drum - “Whisper” - Modern day "Breakfast Club" soundtrack. 

9) Devereaux - “Kapowski” - Cruise down memory lane on this 80’s inspired synth-pop jam.

10) Shasta Ray (featuring members of The Nude Party) - “I Just Need My Records” - A smooth breakup song with a bit of twang for when your summer fling gets rocky.

Track descriptions by Jeremy Theall & Bailey Burns. Forthright Records is a boutique recording and mastering studio in South Carolina and a regular partner with Future Chord.