Kid Trails Gets Nostalgic on New Single "Friendships Fade"

Columbia outfit Kid Trails has a knack for putting a Southern twist on psychedelic rock. Fronted by Toro y Moi bassist Patrick Jeffords, new single “Friendships Fade” creates a hazy indie daydream that dwells on companionships that aren’t quite what they used to be.

Says Jeffords on the track: “The main inspiration for the song came from visiting friends in another town and realizing that the strong bonds we had when we were in each other’s lives fade over time.  On the flip side, they might even get stronger and more meaningful in our minds if we are looking at the past through rose colored glasses.”

Stream the new single below (which also features Toro y Moi drummer Andy Woodward and Columbia musician Desirée Richardson of Pandercakes), and find Kid Trails this weekend at Eighth State Brewing Company in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.